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Bayou City Links And Tweets: October 21st

Heyman on Luhnow | Clutch on Asik/Howard | Campbell on Phillips


Houston Astros

Here’s some hope for Houston: No less than 17 players on the Cardinals‘ NLCS roster were drafted or signed as amateurs by that team when Astros GM Jeff Luhnow was the Cardinals’ scouting director.


Houston Rockets

So now the science experiment gets really interesting as we get our first real look at two top 5 defensive centers playing together. I’ve been a big believer that this is not a sustainable lineup, that Asik and Howard on the floor at the same time is best suited for specific matchups or short bursts when the Rockets need elite paint protection.


Houston Texans

There are two people who cross my mind every day. One of them is my mother, Ann Campbell. The other is Bum Phillips. I don’t know if there are words to describe our relationship. You know the song that Willie Nelson sings, “Georgia on My Mind?” Bum Phillips is on my mind. He’s there every day. The city of Houston has lost one of the greatest men, a man who really fit the city.



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