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Houston Texans Power Rankings Update Through Six Weeks

Four straight losses and the Texans continue to fall in national power rankings. The average rank of the Texans for these publications is 23.29. Here are each major publication’s Texans ranking in their respective power rankings.

Ranked – 22 | Last Week – 17

Out goes Matt Schaub, in comes T.J. Yates … and yet another pick-six. The comedy of errors that is the Texans right now probably won’t look much better at Arrowhead in Week 7. (Elliot Harrison)

Ranked 23 | Last Week – 17 

A weird thing happened Sunday while I was watching other games. I looked at the crawl at the bottom of the screen and noticed that Matt Schaub hadn’t thrown a pick. Then I noticed Arian Foster had gained well over 100 yards. Wow, I thought, the Texans are back on track! Yep — and they were losing to the Rams 38-6.

There’s a lot wrong in Houston right now, but nothing worse than fans showing up in Matt Schaub’s driveway or cheering when he’s down on the field. Come on.


Sports Illustrated (Chris Burke)

Ranked – 28 | Last Week – 18

Let’s see here … the Texans’ reeling offense against a Kansas City defense that leads the league in turnovers and has scored in four of its team’s six games. What could go wrong?


CBSSports (Pete Prisco)

Ranked – 20 | Last Week – 17 

How low can they go? And this time they couldn’t even blame it on Matt Schaub.


Yahoo Sports! (Frank Schwab)

Ranked – 24 | Last Week – 18

There’s a lot of talent on that team, so it’s hard to see a 4-12 type season. But the way they quit in the loss to St. Louis opens up the possibility that the Texans are ready to go in the tank.


Houston Chronicle (John McClain)

Ranked – 23 | Last Week – 20 

In Gary Kubiak‘s first 7 seasons, they were 43-5 when running at least 30 times. Now they’re 43-8.


Ranked – 23 | Last Week – 20 

There’s very little to be positive about if you’re a Texans fan right now. The team has lost by 25+ points in 3 of their last 4 games.


What do you think of these rankings? Texans too high on some? Too low?


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