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Texans Players React To The Cheers After Schaub's Injury

The Texans got destroyed by the Rams by a final score of 38-15, yet all the questions after the game were focused on the fan’s reactions to a Matt Schaub injury. Let’s take a look at how each player and coach reacted to the fan’s cheers after Matt Schaub got injured.


Texans Players 


Other Athlete’s Reactions


So that’s the big story out of the Texans game on Sunday. Not that the Texans got destroyed by the Rams. Not that the Texans have now lost four in a row. Not that the Texans have problems all over the team and may not make the playoffs. Not that the Texans have lost in terrible ways and haven’t shown up in their last four outings.

Nope, none of that.

Rather it’s that a few select Texans fans decided to cheer when Matt Schaub got injured. Was it tasteless? Yes. But should it be the main story coming out of the game? Heck no! This team is a disaster and that’s what the media should have focused on coming out of the game against the Rams.


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