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Bayou City Links And Tweets: October 15th

Thoughts on the Astros season, Rockets roundtable, and Coach Kubiak on the hot seat.


Houston Astros

  • Moisekependa Bower (Houston Culture Map) gives his thoughts on the Astros season and future.

There isn’t any one specific moment that capably summarizes the Houston Astros’ woebegone 2013 season.


Houston Rockets

  • Michael Ma (Space City Scoop) did a 5-question Rockets roundtable composed of five Rockets writers including himself. The other writers are Phillip Pyle II, Myself, Alex Chea (RocketsSocial), and Mike Kerns (The Dream Shake).
  • Forrest Walker ( asks how the Rockets will be able to beat the Southwest Division.

It’s game face time for the Houston Rockets, who have a particularly tough year ahead of them. After flying under the radar for years, the Rockets are not targets in a super stacked west. No division in that Western Conference is quite as stacked as the Southwest Division, and the Rockets now have to learn how to swim in the deep end.


Houston Texans

  • Sean Pendergast (Houston Press) gives his thoughts on the Texans tailspin.
  • Adam Schein ( says Gary Kubiak may be running out of time as Texans Head Coach.

The Houston Texans are 2-4. On Sunday, they were bludgeoned, embarrassed and humbled at home, by the St. Louis Rams of all teams. The final score read 38-13, but it wasn’t even that close. This isn’t supposed to happen to teams with rosters that scream Super Bowl contender. Frustrated Texans fans, in pathetic fashion, cheered when beleaguered quarterback Matt Schaub was forced to leave the game with an injury. Welcome to rock bottom, Houston. Welcome to the hot seat, Gary Kubiak.

  • John McClain (Houston Chronicle) gives his grades for the latest Texans game.
  • Texans tweet of the day…


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