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Week 6 – Texans v.s. Rams: What To Watch For?

Pick-6 after pick-6 after pick-6 after pick-6 and it feels like it just keeps on going. After three straight losses the Texans face off against the Rams at Reliant Stadium. Let’s take a look at what to watch for in today’s Texans – Rams game.


  • Robert Quinn – Quinn has quietly become one of the best parr rushers in the league opposite Chris Long. The Texans will have a healthy Duane Brown lined up against him in what will be a big matchup in today’s game. Quinn has five sacks this season after coming off a 10+ sack campaign in 2012.
  • Matt Schaub – All eyes are on Matt Schaub. When he walks onto the field expect many boos from the home crowd. Schaub has been terrible the last six quarters and needs a good game to hold onto the starting job. If Schaub struggles early, Kubiak will be forced to go to the bench and it will likely be T.J. Yates taking over the quarterback spot.
  • Tight Ends – The Texans will be playing their first game without Owen Daniels. Daniels was hurt on a meaningless play in the fourth quarter and is now out at least 8 weeks. Garrett Graham is a capable player and will replace Daniels in the starting lineup. Rookie Ryan Griffin will take over as the second tight end and should see his fair share of playing time against the Rams.
  • What Could Have Been – Unfortunately for Texans fans, Cortland Finnegan will likely not play in today’s game. Finnegan and Johnson have a history together and it’s the one time in Johnson’s career that he snapped at a player. Johnson will likely play and line up against Janoris Jenkins, a talented corner coming off a strong rookie campaign. The Texans will need a completely healthy Johnson to help Schaub move the ball.


Will the Texans drop their fourth straight game or will they move to .500? Sound off in the comments below!

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