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Houston Texans Power Rankings Update Through Five Weeks

A disaster in San Francisco has the Texans on a free-fall in national power rankings. The average rank of the Texans for these publications is 18.14. Here are each major publication’s Texans ranking in their respective power rankings.



Ranked – 17 | Last Week – 15 

Matt Schaub has thrown more touchdown passes to opposing defenses (three) than teammates (two) in his past three games. Schaub’s four straight games with a pick-six is an NFL record.


NFL.com (Elliot Harrison)

Ranked – 17 | Last Week – 16 

You’ve probably heard about Matt Schaub setting an NFL record by tossing a pick-six for a fourth consecutive week. It’s an incredible run. You realize there have been plenty of weeks in NFL history in which there’s been no pick-sixes thrown by ANY quarterback in the league, right?

Maybe it’s not time for the Texans to go with T.J. Yates yet. But I’ll tell you what: Schaub doesn’t look the least bit confident out there.


Sports Illustrated (Chris Burke)

Ranked – 18 | Last Week – 14 

Too much energy is being devoted to Matt Schaub’s issues, and not nearly enough to the fact that Arian Foster and Ben Tate have one combined rushing touchdown. Foster has averaged 13.7 TDs alone over the past three years.


CBSSports (Pete Prisco)

Ranked – 17 | Last Week – 15 

How long can they keep Matt Schaub in as the starter? He is killing them.


Yahoo Sports! (Frank Schwab)

Ranked – 18 | Last Week – 13 

You can’t give me half the solution to a problem. So don’t say “Bench Matt Schaub!” unless you think that the Texans are really better off with T.J. Yates (spoiler alert: they’re not).


Houston Chronicle (John McClain)

Ranked – 20 | Last Week – 12 

The Texans are first in defense and pass defense and have kept foes below 200 yards passing in every game.


CSN Houston (Adam Wise)

Ranked – 20 | Last Week – 14 

Matt Schaub, and moreover, Gary Kubiak must turn things around to keep their jobs. Three points in the last four quarters will not get it done.


What do you think of these rankings? Texans too high on some? Too low?


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