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Bayou City Links And Tweets: October 2nd

Lots of interesting articles floating around the internet. Check ‘em out here.


Houston Astros

  • Brian McTaggart ( spoke with Jim Crane who said the Astros will spend more money in 2014.

The Astros finished the 2013 season with a payroll of about $13 million after trading away veteransBud Norris and Jose Veras in July and cutting ties with first baseman Carlos Pena. Crane wouldn’t say how much the payroll could increase, but that it would be based on need.

  • Confused about the whole CSN Houston situation. First, I’d go follow @dfbarron on twitter. Then check this original article out from the Houston Chronicle.
  • Still confused? Now check out this article from the Houston Chronicle about how the Astros and Jim Crane will fight the bankruptcy claim.
  • The Astros tweet of the day…


Houston Rockets

  • Jason Friedman ( spoke with Chris Finch about the evolution of the Rockets’ read-and-react offense and more. A must read for Rockets fans.

 Note to the reader: Today’s feature was originally meant to be a story about the philosophy and evolution of the Rockets’ read-and-react offense. But then I interviewed Houston assistant coach Chris Finch on the subject and his answers were so good and offered so much insight that I figured I might as well let his responses tell the tale. So if you’re interested in the reasons why the Rockets run this style of offense, find yourself curious about how Houston plans to incorporate Dwight Howard on that end of the floor, or just want to know how the team plans to improve upon its late-game execution, this piece promises to have something for you.


Houston Texans

  • Don Banks (Sports Illustrated) says that Matt Schaub‘s time may be running out.

Imagine how strange and downright novel it must feel to be Tony Romo about now, waking up each day as merely the second-most embattled NFL quarterback in Texas. He owes Houston’s Matt Schaub for that one.

  • Brian T. Smith (Houston Chronicle) updates us on the injuries on the offensive line and also wrote about the current feeling of the Texans post-Seahawks loss.
  • Stephen Forsha (Toro Times) gave his grade for the latest Texans disappointment.
  • The Texans tweet of the day…


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