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Bayou City Links And Tweets: October 1st

It’s finally October. I say finally because the Astros season is finally over and the Rockets season is finally here! A win-win! Here are the links and tweets for your reading pleasure.


Houston Astros

  • DJ Gallo ( took a look at all the quotes following the 51 Astros games. Kind of funny reading it as an Astros fan.
  • Jose De Jesus Ortiz (Houston Chronicle) went on a twitter monologue Sunday night about the Astros. I wrote up an article about his monologue for Climbing Tal’s Hill which can be viewed here.
  • Tom Van Riper (Forbes) thinks the Houston Astros are the second worst team of all time.

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane just pulled off one of the most improbable seasons in sports history. Off the field, his team was the most profitable in the history of Major League Baseball.  On the field, it was the second-worst in the history of Major League Baseball. Yes, by barely an eyelash, the 2013 Astros just missed the distinction of all-time best-worst in the same season.

  • Because I loved this tweet so much…


Houston Rockets

…But when it comes to the path that brought him here, the July 5 announcement that he had decided to leave the Los Angeles Lakers and an extra $30 million behind in Los Angeles, he wants to make one thing clear that wasn’t on that day: he never waffled.

  • Mike Kerns (The Dream Shake) isn’t tempering expectations for the 2013-2014 Houston Rockets.
  • Don’t you love the Rockets game 1 tickets? Check it out.


Houston Texans

Kareem Jackson still isn’t sure what he did wrong.

Jackson stopped Doug Baldwin after a seven-yard gain on second down during the Seahawks’ game-winning drive in overtime on Sunday. The tackle would have made it third down near midfield

“I just want to clear it up,” Manning said. “Matt, we’re riding behind him 100 percent. I don’t think anyone — of course we were all pissed off about plays, everybody’s like that. DBs make mistakes, you want the whole team to be upset, even the player that made the mistake, you should say something. Matt has been a man about this whole time. He told us how he felt, what’s going to change, what needs to change. … On the defensive side players stepping up saying things. I believe at this point today we really have a change in the way that we’re going to approach the next game.”

  • Some food for thought…



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