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Astros Finally Finish Long 2013 Season

It’s over. What a long and grueling season it has been. Astros fans knew it’d be bad, but this bad? Well, maybe not. After a 106-loss season and a 107-loss season, the Astros finished 2013 with a 51-111 record which is the worst season in Astros franchise history.

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I was hoping for a bad season. The Astros are a few years away from competing and they need to keep building up an impressive farm system. Being the worst team in the MLB has its perks, mainly the first overall pick. What are the other perks? Most international money, first pick in Rule V draft, first waiver claim spot, and the most money to spend in the June 2014 draft. The Astros like to get crafty with their money in the draft so this is another bonus. I believe the Astros accomplished their goal of the first overall pick. They may have said they wanted to be competitive this year, but any realistic fan should have known that was never going to happen.

But some things could have made this season a lot more tolerable. The George Postolos situation was angering. He should not have been hired to begin with and his work gave the Astros a poor image around the MLB. The CSN Houston situation was also angering for many Houston natives. Many fans were not able to watch their team due to CSN Houston being only available to 40% of Houston. It’s a major problem for the Astros (as well as the Rockets) and it has yet to be rectified. The play on the field was also disappointing. Sure the team was expected to be bad but they lost several games in such pathetic ways. Little league-esque errors are inexcusable even for a young team like the Astros. Base-running mistakes as well should not happen on any Major League field.

I expected the Astros to be a bad team, but these disappointments were not exactly what I expected. I expected the bullpen to blow leads, the offense to not score, and the starting pitchers to struggle from time to time. But those I could deal with for a team with an extremely low payroll and a rebuilding team. But for a city to not watch its baseball team is absurd. For a team struggling on the field to also do such a terrible job off the field is also absurd. When the team isn’t performing on the field you better make sure you’re doing everything else correctly and at the best of your ability. The little things matter when the team itself flat out stinks and the Astros did a terrible job both on and off the field.

2013 is finally over. The Astros are likely and hopefully at their lowest point in franchise history and should be on the rise. For now it’s the offseason but I am really excited for a 2014 season that is sure to be a lot better in all aspects of the game.


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