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What's The Latest With The Astros?

If you’re still following the Astros then we can consider you a die-hard fan. Heck, if you are still reading Astros articles you are a die-hard Astros fan. As many of you may know, besides for being a writer for House of Houston, I also write for Climbing Ta’ls Hill. CTH as we call it is also part of the FanSided network, and it is a must read for Astros fans. Go check out the articles there for the latest news on the Astros.

Since I write for CTH, covering the Astros here won’t be as in-depth as I would for CTH. Here, I am simply going to update you with what’s been going on the last few days/weeks with your favorite local baseball team.

After a 6-1 loss against the Reds, the Astros have a four game “lead” for the first overall pick with 12 to play. I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell would be pissed if the Astros won too many games and didn’t get the first overall pick. Do I want to see more than 107 losses? No. But if it means not getting that first overall pick then I’d rather them lose out. The first overall pick and all its perks mean a lot more than the extra few losses.

Are fans still showing up? Well I went to last night’s game and the announced attendance was somewhere around 15,000. Were there 15,000? I’d say drop the 1 and we are about right. Now about the game. The Astros invited most of the Astros bloggers around the bloggersphere and there were about 15 of us there. Steve Grande and Chris Peixoto of the Media Relations department were there to talk to us before the game. Mike Fast, one of the Astros baseball analysts, was also there to chat with us. Reid Ryan, President of the Houston Astros, came over during the game and we asked him a bunch of questions. It was a great experience and definitely hope it happens again.

But back to that attendance thing. Yesterday, David Barron of the Houston Chronicle said the Astros had 984 people watch there game on CSN Houston on Saturday. That’s right. They had less than 1,000 people watch on TV. Pathetic right? CSN Houston and the cable companies really need to get their act together by next season.

Last but not least, the Minor League season has come to an end. Six Astros affiliates made the playoffs, and two ended up as champions. It easily could have been more but two champions is pretty impressive. The other big news involved George Springer. Springer was not chosen as MiLB Player Of The Year by either USA Today or Baseball America. You can read my thoughts about their choices by clicking here.

Again, make sure you stay updated with Climbing Tal’s Hill for all the latest on the Houston Astros!

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