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Bayou City Links And Tweets: Sunday

Yes! It’s finally NFL Opening Sunday. Arguably one of the greatest days of the year. Here are some links and tweets to get you to game time!


Houston Astros: 

Catcher Jason Castro stayed healthy and turned in a strong, All-Star season at the age of 26, hitting .282/.357/.495 (134 OPS+) with 18 home runs thus far. The only catchers in the majors with higher bWAR totals this season than Castro’s 4.6 have been Joe Mauer (5.1), Buster Posey (5.0) and Yadier Molina (4.7).

  • Apparently former Astros closer, Billy Wagner, came out with a book.



Houston Rockets:

  • Dan Favale from Bleacher Reports gives us potential “stretch” 4’s the Rockets could trade for.
  • Rockets fans in Houston should start looking around for these:



Houston Texans:

When they named him Keane, they didn’t know the name’s roots meant “fighter” and “handsome.” Between his parents, still groggy and numb, the 6-month-old boy continues to fight through his next challenge.

We are again brimming with optimism and excitement like the dormant volcano of Mauna Kea. In two days, we’ll cheer a new season. Before we start the celebration, I want to take one last look at the offseason and what to expect from Houston in 2013.


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