Arian Foster on Calf Injury: 'More than Likely' Ready for Training Camp

Arian Foster

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster turned heads when he went down last month during practice, but the Pro Bowl running back feels confident that what he calls “just a small calf strain” won’t prevent him from being ready for training camp. spoke with Foster about the injury, which the running back has been rehabilitating in a hyperbaric chamber with the hopes of increasing his recovery rate. When asked if he would be ready for training camp, Foster replied, “Yeah, more than likely.”

Foster elaborated about his hyperbaric chamber treatment in the interview, saying, “I try to get in there once a day. I try to get in there for 45 minutes or an hour or two hours. Some guys believe in it, some guys don’t.” Foster explained, “It creates the white blood cells in your body and helps with oxygen flow to promote the healing process and recovery. I feel like it works.”

Leg injuries are nothing new for Foster, who has fought through a torn meniscus in 2010 and a hamstring tear in 2011. Considering that Foster has only missed three games since 2010, the odds are good that Foster will be suited up for training camp, but Texans fans will rest easier as soon as Foster hits the field again.

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